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Project Type : Commercial

Programme : Office, Hotel, Retail

Location : Shenzhen, China

Area : 600,000sqm

Height : 100m

Year : 2014

Team : Jason TANG, Billy CHAN

City in the Sky

  1. Floating Platform, efficient Exchange Square

  2. This Floating Platform is located 140m above ground, it has 4 floors and integrates many functions. It is both commercial and public, a true ‘Exchange Square’

  3. Sky Village, Innovative City Image

    In the unlimited extending cityscape, this unique Sky Village aims to provide a cozy and humanistic living space. Various programmes can be accommodated here, it will be a unique cluster and community, which one can discover a poetic village within the gigantic cold city space.

  4. Multi-scale, Multi-levels Public Spaces

    Avoid making oversized and empty public spaces, this project aims to create diversified, multi-levels and multi-scale public spaces together with the suitable greenings and water features.

  5. Diversified Commercial Podium and Retail Streets

    The space and form of the commercial podium is dynamic, dislike other cold indoor malls, these commercial spaces have good outdoor and inter-levels interactions, the east side ground retail streets even allow the retails back on the streets, let them develop organically with the people and nature. Also, the commercial are well connected with the L2 bridges and sunken gardens.

  6. Specified and Unified Towers

    The towers are well planned in the site according to the respective programmes, and the elevations are also specifically designed for the respective functional needs, however, a strong coherence can still be found amongst all buildings in order to achieve an outstanding image for the entire project.

  7. Sustainability Strategy integrated with Massing and Elevation

    This project aims to integrate sustainability strategy comprehensively into the massing and elevation design, it aims to reduce over heat gain and energy consumption through designing windows with appropriate opening size and orientation, ventilation channel and green connected walkways between buildings, and the landscaping and water feature on the roof and podium garden

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